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Solid Dish Soap

Solid Dish Soap


The average household of 4 uses approx 30- 20oz bottles of dish soap every year. That’s about 2.5 bottles PER MONTH.

The dish soap options range from approx $5-$15 a bottle, you do the math…that’s anywhere from $150-$450 a year. CRAZINESS!

Do yourself and your wallet a favor by switch to SOLID DISH SOAP. Liquid dish soaps are 75%-90% WATER! Meaning they’re watered down so you have to use more & continuously buy MORE.

They also contain toxic chemicals that you are inadvertently ingesting off your dishes DAILY. These dish soaps leave a chemical residue on your dishes & silverware that you eat off of everyday. YUCK

Our solid dish soap is a highly concentrated 4oz block of soap containing coconut & castor oils. Coconut oil is HIGHLY cleansing but doesn’t make much of a lather so we added castor oil for that! This soap also contains orange and lemon essential oils which are GREAT for cleansing also.

We also offer a DISH SOAP SET $20 (includes (1) soap & (1) bamboo brush)

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