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Simplicity - Facial Salve

Simplicity - Facial Salve


A great option if your looking for something that lingers a little while longer on the skin. A small amount of this product will go a LONG way. Less is more with this salve. If you’re familiar with our facial serum, this will take a little while longer to absorb. If your looking for a double whammy, apply this salve first then follow up with a few drops of our facial serum. Two of the main ingredients in this salve are olive oil & shea butter. Olive oil contains squalene which is known to contain anti aging antioxidants. While shea butter has the ability to boost collagen which provides strength to your skin. A real treat for your skin!

Net wt. 4oz

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, frankincense, lavender & peppermint essential oils.

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